Pink & Blue Ribbon

Remembrance, Awareness, Change

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is observed October 15th in many countries and is represented by a pink and blue awareness ribbon. The days leading up to it are used to remember our babies more publicly, spread awareness and drive change. To mark the day, people all over the world take part in an international Wave of Lights. Please join the wave by lighting a candle at 7pm local time and letting it burn for one hour.
Contact us to take part in our 2024 activities or to get your Pink and Blue Ribbon (Canadian address required for shipping ribbon).

Here’s a sneak peak of our annual remembrance event:
Samples from our 2023 petal release which included 86 babies:

Samples from our 2022 petal release which included 72 babies:

Samples from our 2021 petal release which included 78 babies:.