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For all the tiny heartbeats that stopped too soon but that echo in our hearts forever…

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Birthday Cards


Milestones are particularly difficult for bereaved parents, birthdays being amongst the hardest. Contact us if you would like to receive a birthday card on your baby’s special day (Canadian mailing address required). Please include the following information:

  • Parent’s full name
  • Baby’s name or nickname
  • Your relationship to the baby
  • Birthday
  • Full mailing address
  • Is there a colour, song, theme, etc, that reminds you of your baby?
  • Can we use the term heaven or heavenly on the card?
  • Any additional information you find relevant 

If you’re submitting a request on behalf of someone else, please make sure they are comfortable with receiving cards before requesting one.

Note: if your baby’s birthday is less than two weeks from the date the card request has been made, you will receive your card next year.

Memory Boxes

We have designed several types of care packages to meet the needs of various stages of grief.  They can be donated in honour of someone special so contact us today to arrange a donation in your baby’s name! 


We are especially proud of our memory boxes. They are carefully assembled to include precious memory making items such as a handprint-footprint kit, matching teddy bears for parents and baby, photo props, bespoke keepsakes as well as grief resources and letters of support. 

Our packages are delivered to local hospitals so that they’re available when a tragedy occurs.

Memory Making Keepsake



Pink and Blue Ribbons

Remembrance, Awareness, Change

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day is observed October 15th in many countries and is represented by a pink and blue awareness ribbon. The days leading up to it are used to remember our babies more publicly, spread awareness and drive change. To mark the day, people all over the world take part in an international Wave of Lights. Please join the wave by lighting a candle at 7pm local time and letting it burn for one hour.
Contact us to take part in our 2024 activities or to get your Pink and Blue Ribbon (Canadian address required for shipping ribbon).
Samples from our 2023 petal release which included 86 babies:

Samples from our 2022 petal release which included 72 babies:

Samples from our 2021 petal release which included 78 babies:.

Seasonal Tributes


We love creating seasonal displays to showcase the beautiful names of babies gone too soon. This helps loss parents in various ways:

  • To feel like their baby was part of the holiday
  • To include their baby in family albums in a positive way
  • To know that their baby is remembered

Contact us to have your late baby included in our 2023 Easter display!


Samples from our 2022 Christmas display which included 78 babies:


Samples from our 2022 pumpkin display which included 56 babies:

Samples from our 2022 Easter display which included 62 babies:

Samples from our 2021 Christmas display which included 75 babies:

Samples from our 2021 pumpkin display which included 94 babies: